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FREE Love Spells and More...

We offer many simple spells that work. Although you can use professionals to do it for you, we encourage you to cast these for yourself. Why? Because no matter what others claim about what their spell casting services can do for you, the only person who can really affect the outcome, and make it work, is you! Others casters doing it for you will help create more energy, but you should never have to pay hundreds of dollars to get them to work. Any tools necessary for casting spells can easily be purchased online or at any local metaphysical shop. Browse our spell categories.

How Spells Work

We have found through experience that casting spells really works, but only, if it is for your higher good and the good of all those involved. It our belief that they work with the Universal Laws of energy to bring you what you desire. The problem is that sometimes what we desire is not always what is best for our true happiness and Spiritual growth. The saying 'be careful what you ask for, because you will get it' is a very important concept to consider when casting. Read more

Facts About Love Spells

Casting a spell is a skill like any other. Few people can manifest their desires on their first try. You should never expect them to always be successful and immediate. This takes time and practice. If you find you have had no success, maybe you have yet to see any. Be patient and allow your them to manifest themselves. Sometimes they may seem, not so easy. Be patient as often they will work to bring you an opportunity that you were completely unaware of needing or wanting. It's been said that they will not work if it's just not meant to be. We believe in having faith.

Spells can also cause unexpected things to happen. This can occur if we are unclear in the use of our words or pronunciations. Were you distracted when you were casting? Have you practiced enough? Keep trying and educate yourself, read about how to do it and don't get discouraged.

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How Love Spells Work

We have found through experience that spells work, but only, if it is for your higher good and the good of all those involved. There are many spells that cause problems and manipulate people but in the end you will wish you had never cast them. The initial exuberance and satisfaction at causing someone some kind of problem, pain or trouble will soon be replaced by the fact that negative things will start happening to you as well. We Can not tell you what to do, but we must give you clear awareness of the consequences of wishing harm on or casting a spell on another.

It our belief that love spells work with the Universal Laws of energy to bring you what you desire. The problem is that sometimes what we desire is not always what is best for our true happiness and Spiritual growth. The saying 'be careful what you ask for, because you will get it' is a very important concept to consider when casting spells. We also believe that spells work because you are putting yourself in a state of complete faith and direct intent. Most spells are based on how much energy you put into them and this is another reason it is better to do your own spells rather than let someone cast them for you.

We believe in the concept of 'what comes around goes around'. There is also a Universal law of what negativity you put out comes back to you big-time. This is what people call karma. If someone is causing you pain or harm or working against you, the best spells to choose would be ones that bind that person from causing you any more harm or choosing a spell that will nullify their spell. Protection spells are also very potent and work completely. We do offer the kinds of spells that will direct problems at people but it is because we are not in a position to judge how you need to learn your lessons. You have free will to choose these spells or not.

Another example is the love spell that allows you to manipulate the man or woman you love into being with you. It will work in the beginning, but chances are if that person is not able to commit to you without a love spell, then they will exhibit all the same traits and behaviors with you and you will take on the burden of having to live with that person while they are still 'damaged emotionally'. There is the example of the person wanting to get their love to leave a relationship with the person they are currently committed or married to. The chances are good that your love spell will get them to leave, but why would you want someone that cannot leave their situation of their own free will to be with you? Not only that you will spend vast amounts of energy keeping the spell working on this person which could very well leave you drained and wishing after a period of time that you had never gotten involved in the triangle.

We are not trying to be negative here and you need to do what you feel in your heart is right for you. All we want to do is warn you of the possible pitfalls of spells that manipulate another human being. We do not recommend it, but if you feel you want to try it and see where it goes, then by all means cast your spells!