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Lost Love Spells

Bring Back My Love Spell


  • A length of red yarn
  • A small amount of dried rosemary
  • A small envelope
  • A small coin that you have found on the street or outdoors
  • You may need a compass

Write the name of your love on the inside of the envelope. Rub the coin with the rosemary and holding the coin and the rosemary in your clenched fist, repeat your love's name four times, each time facing a different direction. First north, then east, then south, and finally west. Seal the coin in the envelope, kiss the envelope and roll it up.

Tie the red yarn around the envelope. Put it away in one of your favorite places. Take the rosemary outdoors and cast it to the wind while thinking to yourself:"come back to me, come back to me, come back to me".

You have enabled your wish to travel on the wind to seek and retrieve your love.

Come Back To Me (At Any Cost) Spell


  • 1 needle
  • 1 candle

Stick the needle through the wick of a candle. Light the candle, concentrate, and speak the following incantation:

Needle in the flame, needle of fire,
Pierce his/her thoughts,
Make him writhe, agonize,
Till his heart turns back to me.

Repeat this spell as often as necessary. Practice makes perfect.

Come Back To Me Spell


  • A piece of parchment
  • A red pen
  • A red candle
  • A mirror

Write your name and the other person's name on the piece of parchment.

Draw three circles around the names without removing the pen from the paper.

Place the paper, face up, under the mirror.

Set the red candle on top of the mirror.

Light the candle and think of the candle flame pulling that person back to you; however, This spells has an important rider if you are concentrating on a person:

If not right for me, then off you be,
Across the sea, so mote it be!

Find An Old Lover Spell

Do you wonder what ever happened to an old flame?

If you want them to find you, place dried rosemary and tansy in a sachet around your neck.

Wear it under your clothing close to your heart for three days.

At dusk, empty the sachet of dried rosemary and tansy into a running stream while calling out to your lost love. As the herbs drift away, imagine your message is being sent to your lost love. Chant:

“O love lost, find your way back to my heart,”

until you cannot see the herbs any longer

No Peace Until They Return Spell


  • 1 Needle
  • A piece of white silk
  • Ash

Take a needle and carefully prick the flesh over your heart.

Write in blood on a clean piece of white silk your name and your lover's name, written in the smallest letters possible.

Now draw (in ash) a circle around your names. Fold the silk up, and at the first sight of the evening star, bury it in the earth.

As soon as it's buried, you may expect your lover to have no peace until he sees you and makes up.

But tell no one about your spell, or it won't work, and may even turn him permanently against you.

Rekindling Lost Love Spell


To rekindle a lost love, obtain a candle shaped like a human figure and a handful of dry beans (any kind will do). A regular candle will work also.


Scratch the name of your lost love into the candle, and light it at night.

Place the beans in a small heat-resistant bowl, and place the bowl over a fire on your stove.

As the beans begin to jump around, state your desire for your lost love to jump up and reawaken to your love.

Do this for three nights in a row. Visualizing the person contacting you in some way will increase the power of this spell.

Return Your Partner To You Spell


  • A red candle
  • Straight pins
  • A small knife

Engrave your love's first name on the red candle with the point of the knife.

Into each letter of your love's first name, stick a single pin. Light the candle while thinking lovingly of the one who left you.

Each time the flame comes into contact with a pin, your love will remember that you exist and will have only one desire: to find you.

Summon a Lost Person To You


  • Sea salt
  • White candle


Every night for a fortnight (14 Nights), place a pinch of blessed sea salt over your doorframe and under your doormat (or in front of your door on the ground). Visualize the person you are summoning while doing this chant:

“Salt in the ocean, salt on my door, draw (Name) to me a fortnight or before. As ships sail and travel the great four seas
send my heart's desire through the cosmos to me. I call to the powers of the ever flowing sea and as I will so mote it be.”

Then go in and light a white candle with the person's name carved into it and let it burn for 13 minutes. Visualize the person walking through your door and you and them embracing in a big hug. Extinguish the candle, do not blow out. The person will contact you within a fortnight after completing this spell.